zondag 13 december 2020

3D winter or Christmas scene

made by students of grade 5/6

You need: 

  1. white cardboard 21 by 21 cm
  2. colored glace paper 14,5 by 14,5 cm
  3. cutting knife 
  4. cutting mat
  5. glue

Too difficult or not enough time? Skip step 1 and 2. 

Step 1
Draw a square at 2 cm from the edges, this is the outside of the frame. 

Step 2
Draw in this square another square at 3 cm of the edges: this is the front of the frame.  

Step 3
Draw in the 15 by 15 cm square a simple winter or Christmas scene.  Make the lines 1 cm wide and make sure they are on 4 sides attached to the 1 cm wide frame. See pattern below. 

Step 4
Color the parts you have to cut out grey.  

Step 5
Cut out the grey parts. 

Step 6
Cut the corners diagonally, see pattern. 

Step 7
Fold the lines of the 15 by 15 square. 

Step 8
Stick the corners.

Step 9
Stick the glace paper in the frame. 

Elements of art: line, form, space.


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