zondag 4 april 2021

Starry Night like Vincent van Gogh

Show during both lessons hVan Gogh's painting Starry Night.  

Tell about Vincent van Gogh. Show Starry Night. Zoom in on the painting with Arts & Culture

The artwork students are going to make, will take two lessons.  

You need for the 1st lesson:
  1. black construction paper 
  2. aluminium foil
  3. piece of cardboard or a clay plate
  4. painter's tape
  5. tempera paint in blue and white 
  6. cotton swab
  7. brushes
  8. plate

Lesson 1
Wrap the cardboard/clay plate with aluminum foil and tape it on the back side. 

Step 1: For each pair of students there is a palette with blue and white paint. Students paint spiral shapes ons the aluminum foil with a brush and / or cotton swabs.

Stap 2: Make a print by placing a black sheet on top of your painting and pressing it.  

Stap 3: Remove the black sheet and let dry. 

 You need for the 2nd lesson:

  1. oilpastels in black, grey and purple
  2. tempera paint in yellow and white 
  3. black construction papier
  4. brushes
  5. scissors
  6. glue
  7. plate
Step 4: Draw and color the mountains with oilpastels. Draw the wavy movements in the air. The lines must run parallel to each other and also go in the same direction during a movement.
Show students that you can fade the colors by smearing the oil pastel. This way you can also make the colors darker or lighter.

Step 5: Determine where the large dark cypress should be and cut it out of black paper. (In grade 3 we gave students a shape to trace for the cypress.)

Step 6: Cut houses and glue them on tje painting. Draw lighted windows with oilpastels.  

Step 7: Paint moon and stars with tempera. 

Artworks are made by students of grade 3.

Elements of art: color, line, nuance, texture.

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