zondag 5 februari 2023

Art Noveau tiles


You need: 

  1. colored paper 10 by 10 cm
  2. linoleum 10 by 10 cm
  3. colored cardboard karton 25 bij 25 cm
  4. carbon paper
  5. lino knife
  6. flat piece of glass
  7. block printing ink
  8. lino roller
  9. lino press
  10. glue
Art Nouveau or Jugendstil is an art style that was practiced from 1890 and abruptly stopped with the start of World War 1 in 1914.  t die werd beoefend vanaf circa 1890 en abrupt stopte met de start van WO1 in 1914. 

Art Noveau was mainly applied to everyday products (for emample furniture, glassware, jewellery), in architecture, graphic art and painting. Artists were inspired by nature: patterns with birds, flowers, plants. clouds, rocks, women.  Graceful moving lines express emotion. 

Show Art Noveau tiles: with 2 mirror lines or tiles that form a tableau in a group of 4. 


Explain we are going to print tiles of 20 by 20 cm with linoleum and ink. Ask how you can print an entire tile with an piece of linoleum from only 10 cm: by turning the same stamp 90 degrees each time you make a print.  
Explain how a two-color print works: information here.

What should you do?
Step 1: Draw a quart of a tile on a sheet. 
Step 2: Copy the drawing with the carbon paper on the linoleum. 
Step 3: Cut the background away: the image remains.   
Step 4: Make 8 prints on sheets of 10 by 10 cm and let dry.
Step 5: Wash the linoleum and let dry. 
Step 6: Cut extra details out of the image.
Step 7: Print on the previous prints with a different color.   
Step 8: Choose the best prints. Stick them on the cardboard while making a quarter turn each time. 

All artwork is made by students of grade 6. 

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