woensdag 20 mei 2009

Blouse of clay

Blouses of clay by students of grade 6

You need:
  1. clay
  2. clay tools
  3. clay boards
Bring a blouse in the classroom and show kids how it has to be folded. Ask children to try it themselves. Look at the folded blouse and discuss what parts of the blouse are still to be seen (collar, buttons, pocket, the folds on the side) and the parts that are hidden now. Give each child a ball of clay. Their task is to make a folded blouse out of one piece of clay. Except the buttons no part may be sticked, everything has to be made out of one ball of clay. Be sure kids scretch their name in a label in the back of the collar. After the baking process, the blouses can be painted with tempera and lacked with vernish.

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