donderdag 21 mei 2009

Distorting mirror

By a student of grade 6
Everyone has ever seen himself in a distorting mirror. In some mirrors you are very fat, the other just makes you super long and another makes you get a big head! In this art class, the children draw themselves as if they are in front of a disorting mirror. Each drawing has to contain three persons: one in normal size, one as if you are bfore a disorting mirror that makes you thin, and one that makes you very fat.
You need:
  1. white drawing paper A4 size
  2. colour pencils
  3. ruler
Uses a number of examples on the board to show how objects change when they are in front of a distorting mirror. A circle or square is getting smaller or wider, but the height stays the same. Ask children to draw some examples on the blackboard.
The constant height is very important in this drawing. If children draw themself in front of a disorting mirror, all limbs have to be on the same height as in the usual mirror. The thin figure should not be longer, and the fat one should not be shorter than the middle drawing.
Guide the children in dividing their drawing sheet. Thin is 1/6 part of the sheet, normal is 2/6 part of the sheet and fat is 3/6 part. Tell students to start with the normal person. The fat and thin person have to be drawn after this. Colour the drawing with colour pencils.

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