zondag 7 juni 2009

Waterlilies in the style of Monet

You need:

  1. tissue paper in different colors
  2. white drawing sheet (A4 size)
  3. glue
Claude Monet was a French painter and founder of French impressionist painting. Impressionistic paintings are a kind of snapshots, giving a quick impression. Up close, it will only show spots and streaks, at a distance you see that these spots together represent an image.
After viewing a number of waterlily paintings by Monet, children will make their own waterlilies using tissue paper. To get the spotty Monet effect, the tissue paper should be torn into pieces. For the background, the water, children tear pieces of blue and or green tissuepaper and paste it on their sheet. The flowers are also made of torn pieces of tissue paper. It is important to work from big to small: first the background, then the pieces of the large flowers, and over them the heart of the flower. Assign the children that they use minimal of glue to avoid a messy painting.

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