dinsdag 2 juni 2009

Proud as a peacock

Made by students of grade 5

You need:
  1. photographs from peacocks
  2. peacock feathers
  3. white drawing sheet
  4. wasco crayons
  5. watercolour paint
  6. blue or green construction paper
Male peacocks are notable for their long tail, consisting of long feathers, with eyes at the end. Look at photo's of peacocks and try to get some peacock feathers in your classroom. How do you recognize a peacock? What does his body look like? And his head? What has he got on his head? Loot at the feathers and discuss the features. What does the eye in the feather look like? What colours do you see?
Children draw a rough pencil sketch of the body and the head of the peacock. It won't be necessary to draw each individual feather, this can be done while colouring.
Colour the peacock wih oilpastel crayons. When ready, paint the whole sheet with light blue watercolour paint. Oil pastel will resist. Finally glue the drawing on a blue or green sheet.

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