zondag 20 juni 2010

Ocean animals

You need:

  1. black construction paper A4 size
  2. chalk pastel
  3. glue
  4. hairspray
  5. coloured paper for background

Which animals live in the ocean? These are not just fish! There also live mammals such as whales, walrus and seal. And what about jellyfish, crabs, octopuses, sea horses and sea turtles? The students make a choice for an ocean animal. They sketch the animal and his envorinmont with a pencil on black paper. Don''t draw too much detail, because the drawing has to be traced with glue. After sketching trace the lines with glue. Wood glue is very suitable. The glue is white, so visible during the drawing, and will turn transparent after drying. Practice drawing with glue first on another sheet: - Put the nozzle onto the paper; - Move the glue bottle away from you while you gently squeeze the bottle; - Don't get scared about stains, you won't see them later!

The glue is dry when it becomes transparent. This may take several hours. The drawing has to be coloured with chalk pastel. With a tissue the chalk can be wiped off the glue, so the black contours clearly remain. Finally, fix the drawing with hairspray. Do not panic if suddenly all the colour disappears, it will be back after the spray is dried (in seconds)! Paste the artwork on a coloured background.

All artwork is made by students of 11-12 years old

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