zondag 25 juli 2010

Redecorate your chair

You need:

  1. wooden chair for each student or one chair for two students
  2. water-based paint in various colours
  3. paint trays
  4. paint rollers
  5. brushes
  6. sandpaper
  7. ammonia
  8. newspapers

Redecorating chairs is a nice activity for older kids. Ask students to bring an old wooden chair or buy some old ones in a recycle store. Discuss how to redecorate a chair. How do you manage that? Do you choose a theme, for instance flowers or sports, or do you want to decorate it with motives? You can even choose an artist. How about a Keith Haring chair, or a Piet Mondrian table? What colours do you use? How do you draw the design on the chair? Just drawing or is it better to use a template?

Create a design on paper, on which you see colours and patterns / designs clearly. 

Put the chairs on newspapers. Sand the chair and make it completely greaseproof with a cloth and ammonia water. Let dry. Draw the design first with pencil and paint it. 

The table below is redecoratied by a group of students. For the tabletop they used chalkboard paint. This table is still in our classroom as an instruction table. Useful, because we can write on it!

All furniture is redecorated by students of 11-12 years old

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