maandag 5 juli 2010

Tropical fish

You need: 1.white drawing sheet A3 size 2.tempera paint 3.brushes 4.saucers 5.jars with water 6.drawing sheet A4 size 7.markers 8.paper towels 9.pieces of sponge 10.magazines 11.scissors 12.glue After a visit to a marine aquarium, children of our school made their own ocean with tropical fish. Dilute tempera paint with water on a saucer. Paint the A3 sheet blue and leave it to dry. Stamp paper plants and corals on the sheet using a piece of sponge or a wad of paper. Use undiluted tempera for the stamping.

Draw a fish on a folded piece of drawing paper. Cut the fish, so you'll have two of them. Colour these two fish with bright colors, just like the tropical fish in the aquarium. Draw and cut a few more fish. Colour them like the first two; all fish must be the same color, they should only vary in size. Create a beautiful composition of the fish on the blue-painted sheet. Stamp some strings of aquatic plants before the fish. Or cut green strips from magazines and paste on the artwork.

All artworks are made by children of 10-12 years old

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