vrijdag 20 augustus 2010

Selfportrait in black and white

You need:
  1. canvas
  2. digital photograph
  3. acrylic paint
  4. brushes
  5. carbon paper
  6. pen
Show portraits made by Andy Warhol and discuss them. What is remarkable about those portraits? Would you recognize a Warhol? Why is that?
To make this selfportrait each child needs a digital portrait of himself. Use a photo editor to make the photo black and white. I used Corel Paint Shop Pro. Choose for 'image' and then 'grayscale'. Then click on 'effects', choose 'artistic effects' and then 'posterize'. Choose for four or five layers.
Print the photograph and trace it with a pen and carbon paper on a canvas. Paint the portrait with acrylic paint in greyscale. Paint the background in your choice of colours.

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