zondag 13 maart 2011

Baby and blanket, like Gustav Klimt

Made by Debbie, 11 years old

You need:
  1. white drawing sheet A4 size
  2. pencil
  3. colour markers
  4. chalk pastel

Gustav Klimt (Austria, 1862 – 1918) was born near Vienna. In 1876 Klimt was awarded a scholarship to the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts . His work consists of paintings of mostly women, but also wallpaintings, drawings and collages. Klimt is much praised for the use of gold in his paintings.

Show some artwork of Klimt, and especially the painting 'Baby'. Discuss the distinctive features in the work: different patterns in the blanket, many colours, the blanket is more important than the baby, wavy lines verschillende patronen in de deken, veel kleuren, de deken is belangrijker dan de baby, wavy lines to express the folds of the blanket.

Students draw a baby in its bed, covered by a patchwork blanket. The blanket has to be divided into sloping surfaces. All different patterns should be coloured with markers. Drawing little black stripes at the edges of the fabrics, will make the patchwork blanket look more real. Use chalk pastel for the a wallpaper behind the bed.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I am doing this with 6th grade this week! Good minds think alike! :) Instead of babies the students do kids portraits :)

  2. I do like the patterns on the baby's blanket.
    Your student did an amazing job.

    My students are working on Klimt's "The tree of life" since I am teaching about the organic quality found in his paintings.