woensdag 27 oktober 2021

Autumn birches

You need: 

  1. drawing sheets A3 size
  2. painters tape in several widths
  3. liquid watercolor paint in red, green and yellow in rood, geel en groen
  4. brushes
  5. tempera paint  
  6. stipple brush
  7. old shopping card/customer card
  8. saucers
  9. jars
Choose thick drawing paper,  to avoid ripping when you remove the tape . 

Look at birch trees. What do you see?   

  • straight trunks
  • trunks are white
  • horizontal peeling bark banden
  • autumn color leaves: orange, yellow, brown, red
What to do?

Step 1
Palce the sheet on the table with the narrow site down.  Stick strips of tape from top to bottom. Wide for the trunks, narrower for the branches. Note: branches grow up and not down. 

Step 2
Paint the background in strips with diluted liquid watercolor. Let dry. Peel off the tape carefully. 

Step 3
Put some black tempera paint on a saucer. Dip your customer card in the paint. Pull this in several places from left to right (or right to left!) to halfway up the trunk to make the black streaks.

Step 4
Spray som warm colors tempera + green on a saucer.  Stipple leaves at the top of the trees using the stipple brush. Do not mix the colors, but use several colors at the brush at the same time.  

Step 5
Hang up! 

Artworks are made by students of grade 1. 

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