donderdag 21 oktober 2021

Painting with scissors like Matisse

made by students of grade 4

You need per student:

  1. 1 sheet white drawing paper
  2. 1 sheet colored construction paper 
  3. 1 sheet colored construction paper from which you cut 7 cm 
  4. 1 sheet blue construction paper 
  5. leftovers of colored paper
  6. glue
  7. scissors
  8. black marker

Who is Matisse?

Matisse (1869 –1954) was a French artist, known for both his use of colour and his fluid and original draughtsmanship. He was primarily known as a painter.

Matisse didn't care if stones were blue, he just chose the colors he liked. Some people thought is art was very ugly: someone who paints blue faces and green noses is a fool and Matisse was called 'Fauve', which means: wild. This is how the word Fauvism came into being for this art movement, art with bold colors. 

After a surgery Matisse spent the rest of his life in a wheelchair. He wasn't able to paint anymore, but could still paint with his scissors.

View various artworks of Matisse. 

Then few the artwork Oasis. What stands out? 

  • no straigh lines 
  • organic shapes
  • bright colors
  • What is an oasis and why is this artwork called so?  
How to make it 

Step 1
Take the two colored sheets: a whole one and one with 7 cm cut off. Paste the smaller sheet on the large one. The strip at the bottom is the table for the fishbowl. 

Step 2
Cut Matisse shapes and glue them on the small sheet. Let them fall of the sheet and cut away the outer pieces.

Step 3
Fold a white sheet in half on the long side and cut out a fishbowl. The center line of the bowl is the fold of the sheet. Trace around the bowl with a thick black marker.   

Step 4
Cut 'water' out of the blue sheet, slightly smaller than the bowl. Paste it in the bowl. Paste the bowl on the colored sheet with organic shapes. 

Step 5
Cut two or three fishes and some water plants and paste them in the bowl.

Elements of art: shape, color. 

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