vrijdag 18 maart 2022

Circle City


You need: 

  1. white drawing sheet
  2. compass
  3. ruler
  4. pencil
  5. markers
  6. colored sheet
  7. glue

Explain the one-point perspective: objects that are further away appear smaller. If we draw a street towards the horizon, it narrows and trees get smaller. 

In one-point perspective you draw all lines parallel to the viewing direction to one point. You literally put a dot on the horizon. 

What to do? 

  • Draw a circle of 20 cm in diameter using the compass. Mark the hole in the center with a dot.  
  • Draw lines form the edges of the circle to the dot in the middle, using ruler and pencil. 
  • Draw buildings in different heights using the lines.  Draw doors and windows. 
  • Color with markers. Outline everything with a fine black marker. 
  • Cut the circle and stick it on a colored sheet. 

Art work made by students of grade 4. 

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