maandag 28 maart 2022

Matisse meets Haring

In this lesson we combine Keith Haring and Henri Matisse.


  1. white drawing sheet
  2. colored construction paper
  3. black construction paper
  4. scissors
  5. glue
Show some of the later artwork from Matisse (fauvism, 1869-1954), his cut-outs and discuss them. What do you see? What shapes did Matisse use? What are the organic shapes? And the geometric shapes? What's the difference between them? What colors do you see?

Look at the human figures in Keith Harings artwork (popart, 1958-1990). What stands out? How are human beings drawn? Which parts of the body do you see, which parts nog? How do you see that people are moving?

What to do? 

  1. Cut organic and geometric shapes from colored paper.  
  2. Cut a human figure from black paper,  (do not draw first!). Be sure you can clearly see he's moving.  
  3. Arrange the geometric and organic shapes on the white sheet. Overlap is allowed.   
  4. Search for a good place where the human figure fits well and where you can see he's moving, for example because he steps on a geometric shape or dances between the organic shapes. 
  5. Satisfied about your composition? Then glue on all the cut out shapes .

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