zondag 14 augustus 2022

Landscape like Ton Schulten

You need:

  1. drawing sheet 
  2. tempera paint in primary colors, black and white  
  3. ruler
  4. pencil
  5. brushes
Ton Schulten (1938) is a Dutch painter, born and living in the small town Ootmarsum. He worked as a graphic designer and decided in 1989 to devote himself entirely to painting. His main source of inspiration is the landscape of Twente, a region in the east of Holland. This is a semi-open landscape that, due to the planting of hedges and wooded banks, looks like a stage with wings.  

Show artworks from Ton Schulten and discuss them.
  • Schulten's use of colors  
  • horizon line
  • the 'curtains' on the sides - the picture is darker there than in the middle
  • simple shapes
  • divided in rectangles
by students of grade 6

What should you do? 
You're going to draw a landscape like Ton Schulten. First draw a horizon line on about half of the sheet. Draw one or some simple houses. Then draw some draw trees. Divide the drawing with horizontal and vertical lines into small rectangles.  
Paint the rectangles with tempera. Mix your own colors, starting with the brightest one. For example: start with white and add a drop of blue to get light blue; add more drops to get a darker blue.  
Perhaps you can draw 'curtains', just like Ton Schulten: the sides are darker than those in the center. 

Elements of art: shape, line, color, nuance.  

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