zaterdag 26 september 2009

Autumn trees near the water

You need:
  1. light blue drawing paper A4 size
  2. oilpastel crayons
  3. tempera in autumn colours
  4. brushes

Fold the paper in half. Above the fold is the country, below the fold is the water. Students draw with oilpastels some trees without leaves in the grass. Those trees have to be coloured firmly. Below the fold is the reflection of the trees in the water. The trees have to be drawn again, but mucht less thick coloured.

When the trees are ready, students get a plate with five colours of tempera: yellow, orange, red, brown and green. leaves have to be made by tamponning with the brushes. Tell your students to tampon with two or more colours at the same time, so don't mix up the colours.

When the leaves are ready and the paint is still wet, fold the paper again. There is now a lighter print of the foliage at the bottom of the sheet: the reflection in the water. The branches of the tree will now be visible again, because part of the paint is now on the bottom of the sheet.

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