zaterdag 5 september 2009

My collection from the sea

Made by a student of grade 6
You need:
  1. white drawingpaper A4 size
  2. aquarel pencils or watercolour paint
  3. brushes and water
  4. black paper
  5. scissors and glue
  6. black fine marker
After summer holiday it's fun to draw what you've found on the beach: shells, starfish, crabs etc. Divide a white sheet in four strips of 7 cm. Draw horizon lines in those strips. Draw several things you may have found on the beach and sketch as lightly as possible. Colour the shells with watercolour paint or aquarel pencils, trying to make shades by diluting the colours more or less. Paint the beach yellow/gold and the air light blue. When dry, outline the shells and horizon with a black fine marker. Cut the four strips and glue them with 1 cm between them on a black piece of paper.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Isn't that a cute arrangement. I like the way you suggest to split up the paper into a long narrow format.

  2. Thank you! I'm looking forward to try this one in my classroom next Friday!