maandag 5 oktober 2009

Positive negative pumpkin faces

You need:
  1. black construction paper A4 size
  2. orange construction paper A5 size
  3. scissors
  4. knives and cutting blades
  5. glue
Each child gets a black paper and an orange that is half the width of the black. Kids have to divide the black paper in four rectangles by drawing thin lines on the sheet. Than the four rectangles each have to be divided in two rectangles. The orange paper has to be divide in four rectangles, so that each rectangle is as big as a half black one.
Starting on the middle line of the orange rectangle, kids have to to draw half of a pumpkin. Next, one eye and one half of a mouth are drawn. Then the eye and mouth are cut out with a cutting blade.
The half orange pumpkin has to be glued down to the middleline of one of the squares on the black paper. Eye and mouth have to be glued down on the opposite side of the pumpkin.

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