zondag 4 oktober 2009

Pumpkins in moonlight

You need:

  1. black constructionpaper A4 format
  2. pastel crayons
  3. pumpkins or pictures of pumpkins
  4. hairspray
  5. papertowels
  6. construction paper for background

Look with the kids to some brought pumpkins or pictures of them. Discuss shape, texture, size, colours, stem and leaves. Children have to draw at least two pumpkins, and one of them has to overlap another. Kids have to use pastel crayons on black construction paper. Tell them working with pastels will give a lot of smudge: be careful with smudgy fingers. Wipe them on a towell, and not on your artwork! Tell kids also to mix different colours. This will deepen the colours. Using brightr colours on dark ones will suggest the moonlight!

When the artworks are finished, you have to fix it with hairspray. Glue the work on a green or orange construction paper.

Made by students of 11-12 years old

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