zaterdag 10 oktober 2009

Building sandwiches

Texture, balance and variety were elements students concentrated on as they created this collage of a big sandwich! You need:
  1. half a piece of coloured card board A3 size
  2. leftovers coloured paper
  3. ribbed cardboard
  4. noodles in different shapes
  5. seeds or tealeaves
  6. crepe paper
  7. glue
  8. scissors
  9. yarn
  10. pieces of cotton

Children create a table cloth from leftovers of cotton or paper. A plate has to be cut and glued on the table. The sandwich is made of ribbed cardboard. Now building can start!

Discuss with the kids what kind of food they like on their sandwich and how to represent this with the materials they have. Examples: yellow paper with holes in it will represent cheese; red yarn can be ketchup and am enrolled piece of pink cotton represents a slice of ham.

The artwork must partly be 3-D. Don't glue everything just flat, but try to work spatial and let things overlap. Make sure kids do this by showing three dimensional glueing before kids start working.

When there is enough food on the sandwich, it has to be closed with the top of a sandwich out of ribbed cardboard.

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  1. Amazing! I really like this as a collage! I have seen assignments that were hand drawn, but I'm really caught up by the collage element. I will have to put this into my plans for January!

  2. Thank you Kathy! We did the hand drawn also, bus these are much better, I agree!
    The full collection is to be seen on -> international artwork -> Netherlands -> Kofschip.