maandag 7 december 2009

Christmas carolers

You need:
  1. green construction paper A2 size
  2. scissors and glue
  3. leftovers paper or Christmas scrapbook paper
  4. fine marker in black and silver
A Christmas Carol is a book from the English writer Charles Dickens, which tells about an old and bitter mister Scrooge. Scrooge is a banker and money changer whose only goal is to get more and more money. He hates friendship, love and the meaning of Christmas. Just before Christmas he has a number of dreams in which spirits make him change his mind.

Made by kids of 11-12 years old
This art project is about the Christmas carolers; the singers who sing their typical English Christmas songs under the streetlights in cold and snowy villages. Children cut the parts of the singers: head (mouth open, nose up!), legs and arms (thin!), dress or suit, shoes (old fashioned, like lace-up boots) and of course the music book with the title Christmas Carols and some staves. Glue the different parts on a large piece of paper. Paste threedimensional if possible: paste the dress with folds, the arms have to come out of the sleeves and are pasted on the 3D pasted music book. Use a fine marker for the nostrils and a silver one for the shoe laces.

Make a large group work of these Christmas carolers!

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