zaterdag 5 december 2009

Tea light holder of paper, ink and oil!

This beautiful coloured light holders are made of just paper, ink and salad oil! You need:
  1. sketch paper
  2. pattern (click on the word to download)
  3. liquid watercolour
  4. great brush
  5. scissors
  6. strong glue
  7. salad oil
  8. paper towels
  9. little glass jar
  10. tea light

Download the pattern of this light holder and copy it on scetch paper. Make the paper wet and leave with a big brush liquid water colour on the sheet. Those drops will flow in the water. Fill the whole sheet with colour. Leave work to dry. Do some salad oil on a plate and take a big brush. Paint the whole sheet with salad oil. Let it dry for one day. The oily sheet can best put between paper towels. Cut out the pattern. Fold the seams and adhesive borders and glue the light holder with strong glue.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I love your site and this idea! I would love to use it, but can't seem to find where to download the template. Where can I find that? Thanks!