woensdag 2 december 2009

Winter coat

You need:
  1. pattern winter coat
  2. fabrics
  3. buttons, straps
  4. needles
  5. sewing thread
  6. textile glue
  7. cardboard

Pattern winter coat
Make a copy of the pattern, enlarge it if you want to and print it. Cut the coat out of paper. Fold the fabric and pin the pattern on the fabric with the middle of the pattern against the fold. Cut the coat out of the fabric. Avoid fraying and use a lock or sewing machine.
Time to decorate the coat by sewing pockets, sewing buttons, embroidery, etc. When finished, paste the coat on cardboard.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Another question...how big was the finished coat?

  2. The finished coat was about 30 cm high. If it is too small, it will be to difficult for younger kids. In higher grades you might choose for a smaller coat.