maandag 11 januari 2010

In the style of Keith Haring

Made by Danjel, 11 years old

You need:

  1. white drawing paper
  2. markers
  3. black construction paper
Haring's works originated from the graffiti art and is distinguished by tight lines and the use of bright colours. Haring also worked iti with chalk on black painted plates and vases and statues. Haring has developed his own distinctive artistic language of symbols, symbols that almost look like icons.

Made by Jessica and Sjoerd, 12 years old
Show some works of Haring.. On you'll find everything.
Discuss the distinctive features of the drawings of Haring: cartoon-like people, little details, often thick black lines and outlines, bright colors and little stripes to symbolize movement. Let the children create a drawing in the style of Haring. They have to omit many details as possible, and yet convey a certain feeling. Children have to remain a lahf centimeter of white around their drawing, just like Haring did. Paste the drawings on black construction paper and make sure the works are signed by the artists. On you'll find more than 80 lesson ideas about Keith Haring.

Made by Brittany, 11 years old

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