woensdag 20 januari 2010

Printed penguins and polar bears

Made by Brittany, 11 years old

You need:
  1. piece of linoleum from 12 x 12 cm
  2. photograph form polar bear or penguin
  3. carbon paper
  4. lino knive
  5. mat
  6. black block printing ink
  7. flat piece of glass
  8. linoleum roller
  9. white drawing paper A4 size
  10. lino press
  11. scissors and glue
Children take a picture from a penguin of polar bear. The animal must be complete, not only a part of it. Because of the fact the animals must be printed, contour lines are important. Each child gets a piece of linoleum from 12 by 12 cm. Use carbon paper to draw the contours of the animal on the linoleum. Use lino knives to cut the background away; the animal has to remain. From the penguins the white belly has to be cut away too. But: remember the contour line has to remain. Details such as eyes, lines that indicate legs etc. have to be cut away with a small lino knive. Shake the bottle of blockprint carefully to be sure oil will mix with the rest. Drip the paint on the glass and roll it out with the lino roller. Make several prints of your work. Choose the two best ones and paste them on a black background. By tearing the paper instead of cutting, you'll accentuate the effect of the winter. The torn paper suggests an ice floe. See the example above.

Made by children from 11-12 years old

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