donderdag 28 januari 2010

Valentine's day (with Jim Dine)

You need:
  1. white paper 20 by 20 cm
  2. cardboard 10 by 10 cm
  3. pencil and ruler
  4. scissors
  5. glue
  6. colour pencils
  7. oil pastel crayons
  8. chalk pastel
  9. salt
  10. tempera paint
  11. different kinds of coloured paper (ribbed cardboard, tissue paper, crepe paper etc.)
  12. watercolour paint
  13. brushes
  14. markers
  15. red or pink paper for background
Jin Dine, born in 1935 in Cincinatti, is a sculptor and popart artist. Hearts, ties and tools are recurrent themes in his art. Let children learn about Jim Dine by showing and discussing his artworks. Because of upcoming Valentine's day a lesson about hearts today! Basic colours are red and white (and making pink of these of course!).
Children get a sheet from 20 by 20 cm. They have to divide this sheet with ruler and pencil into four squares from 10 by 10 cm. Fold the little cardboard and draw a heart against the fold. Cut it out. Trace this heart in the four squares. Divide the different colouring supplies on different tables. Stimulate children to experiment with these materials. What happens when I sprinkle salt in watercolour paint? How can I make my heart pop up from the paper? Can I combine chalk pastel and oilpastel? What happens when I sprinkle water on tissuepaper? Students have to colour their hearts and backgrounds by using as many supplies and techniques as possible. While doing this, kids may walk around through the classroom(s) and choose the place where the art supplies of their choice are. The only restriction is: when all chairs are occupied, you have to choose another supply first. When the four hearts are ready, they have to be pasted on a red or pink background.
All artworks are made by children of 10-12 years old

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