maandag 26 april 2010


You need:
  1. drawing paper A4 size
  2. indian ink
  3. dip pen
  4. drawing board
  5. black construction paper

Ask children a day before you want to do this lesson, to do something special with their hair. For girls this might be easy, they can braid their hair, make a ponytail or use accessoires. But boys too can style their hair in different shapes, just using gel! In preparation for this lesson kids have to practice drawing with indian ink and a dip pen.

Children have to draw the back of another child. To organize this, they all have to sit in a row around a big table. On this table you put the indian ink bottles. For children who are lefthanded, place some stools besides them to put on their bottle of ink. See schedule.

Give all students a drawing board, drawing sheet and a dip pen. Tell them to draw the back of the classmate in front of him/her. It is important not to draw a contour line of the head, but make this contour out of as many hairs as you can!

This drawing has to be finished in one lesson, because of the fancy hairstyles! When finished, paste the artworks on a black background. Write with silver marker the artist and the name of the person who's hair is drawn.

All drawings are made by children of 10-11 years old

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  1. This is great! I will have to try this - it would be great for my special electives drawing class on Fridays. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is such a clever idea! Yes, we must do this one, too.