dinsdag 20 april 2010

Special skeletons?

Made by children of 10-11 years old

You need:
  1. white copy paper A4 size
  2. black construction paper A4 size
  3. cutter
  4. cutting mat
  5. glue
  6. scissors

Fold the paper in half lengthways. Write your name in bubbly letters against the fold. Then cut carefully around the outsides of the name. Keep the paper folded at all times. Use a cutter for the negative areas. When finished, unfold the paper to reveal the name in reverse. Paste the name on a black paper. Dan knippen ze de naam uit - pas op dat je de vouw niet doorknipt--, vouwen de dubbele naam open en plakken deze op een zwart vel papier. Turn the sheet a quarter. What do you see? A special skeleton? You name in Chinese? Or an alien?

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